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'Of Circles and Bright Colours' at Black Herstory Night

  • dixon place 161A Chrystie Street New York, NY, 10002 United States (map)

General Admission
$15 in advance
$18 at the door
Stu./Sen. $12

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Estimated Runtime
80 minutes



Rock | Salt  Stone by Rosamond S. King

A performative reading from the anticipated debut book of poems, using King’s distinctive Verse Cabaret style that intermingles her poetry with original arrangements of popular songs.

Homesong by laYla Zami

A diasporic journey from Berlin to Brooklyn exploring resistance and purple love with spoken words and saxophone.

Psyche by Oxana Chi

From ancestral body memory to Afrofuturism. Searching for the affinities between Psyche and Soul, the dancer dives deeper and deeper into her inner self, to discover her own womanity. Music composed by Soleil (Didgeridoo); Live-Music by laYla Zami

Tiny Winey by Rosamond S. King

Movement-based performance art that confronts stereotypes about Caribbean women and their bodies, performed to a classic calypso song.

Of Circles and Bright Colours by Candace Thompson

The performer allows us to follow her on a journey of indulgence, intoxication, trance and liminality, and how they can be experienced in the Caribbean Diaspora. Music composed by Zane Rodulfo.  

Afro-Caribbean Dance & Movement by Pat Hall

An environment and dance community that nurtures, heals, renews, and inspires the body and spirit through the joy of dance. Featuring live percussions by Pam Patrick and Yuichi (Brown Rice Family).