What Services Do I Offer?



One on one training sessions incorporating resistabands, free weights, TRX® equipment and Kettlebells, with cardio drills and core conditioning.  Based on the NASM Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Protocols, these sessions are designed to promote proper alignment and stability, increased strength and endurance, weight loss and motor control.

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Soca dance private sessions

Work privately on your soca dance skills, breaking down the signature movements needed to shine for Carnival and feteing. Improve your 'wine' (isolation of the pelvis), and build the stamina, coordination and rhythm needed to dance to Soca like a pro!

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dance Fitness Privates

Cardio Dance Sessions: Dynamic Soca and African Diasporic dance movements to increase stamina, boost energy, enhance core control and promote weight loss. 

Modern Dance Technique Sessions: These sessions promote flexibility, balance, coordination and spatial awareness in addition to enhancing motor skills and refining movement patterns using Modern and Contemporary Dance as the base. Suitable for non-dancers to professionals seeking to hone certain skills to meet the specific physical demands of modern/contemporary dance.

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Group Fitness CLASSES

#danseSOCA Carnival Training: a 60-90 mins class focusing on Carnival movement quality, muscular endurance and stamina. It includes body conditioning movement drills including wining, juking and swaying to produce a full body workout. This class builds endurance, aerobic fitness and fun! Train for the road - the fete - and the stage! 
***Seasonal classes held at Abundance Academy of the Arts Tuesdays at 7:30pm***

Total Body Conditioning: a mindful corrective exercise based warm up followed by core conditioning, interval-based resistance training exercises, sports drills, and 5 mins cool down. Designed to build strength, promote muscular and aerobic endurance and stability. Look forward to a leaner, stronger you!
***Classes held Fridays at Mark Morris Dance Center at 8am***

Cardio Fitness: spend 35 mins blasting the calories away with a fun mixture of traditional aerobics, kickboxing, dance grooves, soca style wining and plyometrics. The last 25 mins focuses on strength and stability, core work and a cool down. 

Pilates Mat: Strengthen and elongate the muscles supporting the spine for greater back and torso health. Feel taller, aligned and connected at the end of each class.