New Traditions Festival 2017

The New Traditions Festival 2017 is a 3-night festival featuring local Caribbean choreographers and dancers who push the boundaries of Caribbean dance forms and/or use cultural narratives or traditions as a throughline in their work. The weekend includes: 3 evening performances, a post-show reception and discussion.

The theme for this year's festival is 'Our Caribbean Spirit'. This features a collaborative community dance project that explores how the movement from various island cultures tells the story of our resilience and exuberance


FRIDAY, June 16 2017 - 7PM
*Post-show talk*

Alicia Dellimore, DCW Youth Performing Arts Company, Marsha Parrilla, Maxine Montilus, Our Caribbean Spirit Project, Safi Harriott

SATURDAY, June 17 2017 - 7PM

Candace Thompson, Marsha Parilla, Maxine Montilus, Our Caribbean Spirit Project, Rosamond S. King, Safi Harriott, Shermica Farquhar 

SUNDAY, June 18 2017 - 5:30 PM

*Post-show reception*

Candace Thompson, Alicia Dellimore, DCW Youth Performing Arts Company, Our Caribbean Spirit Project, Rosamond S. King, Shermica Farquhar


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