I got in to training while preparing for an aerobic burnout competition. I went on the win the category but what stayed with me was how great I felt leading up to and after the event. I was hooked! I saw how my body was able to step up to the task and how it assisted in my dance training.

I've had ups and downs but when I am training I am usually my happiest. I am driven, focused and confident in my abilities. This confidence, drive and focus on wellness is what I bring to my clients and those around me.

how CandaNCEFIT can help me ?

In a number of ways:

  • An individual workout plan: to suit your needs and goals including:
    educational introduction to exercise and fitness, corrective exercise strategies, enhancement of strength and stamina, post-rehabilitation maintenance, weight loss goals, focus on flexibility and range of motion.

  • Training under a structured environment:  your personal trainer will provide you with the necessary consistency and accountability to help you to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Your personal cheerleader:  there to make sure you give it your all and stick to your fitness plan.

  • Avoid training and weight loss plateaus: your PT will constantly challenge you, coaxing your body into always giving its maximum.

  • Gain knowledge about your body: deepen your physical awareness and learn how to safely approach your workout to get the best results.