Title: Champion/Stay…

Conceived with the support of Dixon Place Artist-In-Residence program Fall 2017.

A dance exploration on how liberation and self-empowerment is achieved, expressed and engendered within popular dance culture of the Caribbean. In looking at trends in current Soca music, there has been a shift towards music that speaks to overcoming, clearing one's path, prevailing over obstacles, bypassing enemies and destroying obstructions. This is not unlike the idea of 'cutting and clearing' that exists in religious ceremonies and rituals throughout the Caribbean and its diaspora. Using the Nyabinghi rhythmic pattern as a base that has been historically used to conjure and represent freedom, the piece speaks to how the physicality of destruction has been used to metaphysically liberate nations of people and how those concepts play out in popular caribbean culture and performance. Through the project we will make real, the everyday experiences of Caribbean people here in the diaspora that use this music as a way to cling to their identity, survive life in 'foreign' and to maintain close ties and community.

Current run time: 17 mins

Cast: 5 people

Still in development.