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Dancing for Non-Dancers: Mind, Body & Soul


taught by
Candace Dance & Fitness

Wednesdays, 2016
Class organizer -  Nandi Keyi

Note from Nandi: I have "heard" and "felt" that I "can't" dance. I am now inspired to start a class for folks like me: "Dancing For Non-Dancers: Mind, Body & Soul" because I am removing self-limiting beliefs. I want to move my body to music - the way I do in my mind - whether it is in my living room or in social settings. If this resonates with you, join me on this journey in a fun, safe, non-judgment space with a patient, amazing choreographer. We will leave class feeling accomplished, achieving comfort in body, rhythm, balance and coordination. We will have a greater sense of well-being, opening ourselves up to new adventures.

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