Soca Dance Classes with Candace offered with Elle NYTT

Saturdays (ongoing): 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Mark Morris Dance Center
3 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217


Soca dance is a fun dance workout accompanied by Soca music. The class will start with a short warm up with basic moves traditionally done to Soca music (wining and other body isolations), proceed to do fun high energy dance moves across the floor, and end with a short sequence of choreography.

Cardio Fitness

Spend 35 mins blasting the calories away with a fun mixture of traditional aerobics, kickboxing, dance grooves, soca style wining and plyometrics. The last 25 mins focuses on muscle toning, core work and a cool down. 


Resistance/Interval Training

A 10 mins warm up followed by a series of resistance training exercises, interval training sets, sports drills, core conditioning and 10 mins cool down. Designed to build strength, promote muscular and aerobic endurance by bringing muscles to fatigue. Look forward to a leaner, stronger you!



Strengthen and elongate the muscles supporting the spine for greater back and torso health. Feel taller, aligned and connected at the end of each class.