Contemporary/Modern Technique Class 

This class seeks to prepare the body to move seamlessly in and out of the floor, move the torso in circular and fluid undulating patterns, strengthen and elongate the leg-spine connection and travel daringly through space. The class ideally begins with extensive floor sequences to bring awareness, elasticity and readiness to the deep internal muscles and reinforce patterns of ease through the joints. It continues to a center practice where balance, undulation and spiral are layered on top of classical modern and Afro-Caribbean dance skills. The class ends with repetitive phrase work allowing the dancers opportunity to challenge their technique, artistry and stamina.

Dance in the Schools

Students are exposed to modern/contemporary dance in a way that challenges their body awareness, physical capabilities and enhances critical thinking and art/dance appreciation. Students are taught basic dance and movement skills, spatial patterns, basic dance composition and performance skills. 

Dance Conditioning

This 60 mins class conditions the body for the specific technical demands of modern/contemporary dance including external rotation, Iliopsoas complex elongation and strength, functional coordination of core strength, lateral flexion and rotation of arms at shoulder joint, stability and mobility of the spine, and foot and ankle, mobility and strength. 

Soca Dance 

Soca dance is a joyful class embodying the movement and energy of West Indian carnival. The class starts with a short warm up of basic movements traditionally done to Soca music (wining and other body isolations), proceeds to fun dynamic steps across the floor, and ends with a sequence of choreography.